Sign The Petition: Stop Florida's "Roads To Ruin"

In 2019, the legislature passed, and Gov. Ron DeSantis signed into law, a bill to fast-track three major new toll roads that will destroy large swaths Florida’s remaining rural lands, pollute waterways, increase global warming pollution, and threaten endangered wildlife, including the iconic manatee and Florida panther. If completed, 330 miles of new toll roads would be built across south, central and north Florida. Construction of the “Roads to Ruin” will destroy more than 52,800 acres of farmland and wildlife habitat while at the same time promoting sprawling, unsustainable development.

Take action, sign the petition to the state's toll roads task force (known as M-CORES) opposing Florida's "roads to ruin" today, and join the movement to protect the Florida we love.

Petition To Toll Roads Task Force Opposing Florida's Roads To Ruin

We, the undersigned, are Floridians who strongly oppose the three proposed rural toll-road highways.

These “Roads to Ruin” will increase air and water pollution and destroy precious wetlands, springs and aquifer recharge areas. Iconic Florida wildlife like the endangered Florida panther and black bear rely on connected natural areas, including farms and ranches, to survive. The three toll roads will slice through some of the best remaining natural and agricultural areas, permanently severing connectivity within wildlife corridors.

With so many immediate and pressing social, economic and infrastructure priorities, our state should be investing in ways to ensure a healthier environment and brighter future for all Floridians, rather than wasting upwards of $20 billion on these “Roads to Ruin”.

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