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Sign the Thank You card to Florida abortion providers

Abortion providers are committed to the health of their communities and prioritize keeping their patients and staff safe while providing essential care. They are feeling the impact of being both front line health care workers and being the face of the abortion fight in this country. These providers know abortion care is essential health care that can’t be put on hold during a pandemic. They are continuing to see patients to make sure everyone can safely get the health care they need.  

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Thank You to Florida Abortion Providers for Continuing to Offer Care in the Face of the pandemic.

We, the undersigned, are Floridians in your region who greatly appreciate all you are doing to continue offering abortion care -- an essential health care service --  to Floridians who need it.

In this scary time of COVID-19, we know the care you provide is more necessary than ever. People are losing their jobs, their health care, their child care, and their savings. They’re worried about their own existing health conditions and their vulnerable loved ones, and about a future of self-isolation that could last for several months, or even longer. For many people right now, the financial and emotional strain of an unintended pregnancy is too much to bear. The ability to obtain an abortion is an essential component of any sustainable strategy for weathering a crisis like this one. 

We recognize the special effort  you are making to keep providing care during the pandemic. Like all health care providers, you and your colleagues face the risk of getting sick in addition to many new administrative challenges. But you undoubtedly are also facing pressures particular to the care you provide. In addition to the many burdensome state restrictions, your patients’ visits cannot be indefinitely postponed.

You are showing up every day for your patients, including some from out of state, because you know that, especially during this precarious time, people must be able to make their own decisions about if, when, and how they create families. We greatly appreciate it.


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