Sign Up To Be A Digital Advocate For Reproductive Freedom

In late October, Progress Florida will be launching a campaign on Facebook (running through mid-November) that features compelling mini-videos to build awareness on expanding abortion access.

This will be an exciting opportunity for abortion and reproductive rights advocates to learn more on the issue and be powerful advocates! We are looking for Facebook users to volunteer over the course of the campaign to help be advocates for abortion rights in comment sections of the Facebook ad campaigns.

A training webinar and a detailed messaging and volunteer guide will orient you to the project and give you the tools you need (such as talking points) to help out. Additionally, Progress Florida team leads and a community of fellow volunteers will be supporting you every step of the way. We are excited to do this work with you, learn and be fearless advocates together!

Sign up to be a digital advocate for reproductive freedom using the form on this page.

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    Please provide a link to your personal Facebook page. You will be sent a friend request from Progress Florida’s Amy Weintraub which you must accept.
    In order for us to ensure that you're the right fit for this organizing project, please offer a brief description of your commitment to the reproductive rights movement.
    List your affiliation, past or present, with any organizations working to advance reproductive rights (e.g. Progress Florida supporter, Planned Parenthood volunteer, NOW member, LWV member, etc. If none, indicate “None”.)
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